Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why I Love Broadside Bookshop

   My son was about two years old when we first moved to Massachusetts. We had to live in a hotel for two weeks while we looked for a place to live and those were a very difficult and exhausting two weeks. One night, we decided to go out to eat in downtown (Northampton) for dinner. Afterwords, we walked around to check out some of the stores. We wandered into Broadside Bookshop on Main Street to browse the books. My son picked up a frog puppet book and was looking at it. He wanted to buy it, but we didn't have any money left after dinner and it was getting late and we were very tired. He kept picking up the book and we had to keep putting it back. The woman working at the counter saw this struggle and could see how exhausted we were. She came over and whispered, "Your son can have that book if he wants it." We said, "Really? But we can't buy it right now. We don't have any money." She said, "Don't worry about it. He can have it." It made our whole evening so much better. It was so unexpected and we were so grateful! I've never forgotten that evening or her act of kindness. Now, several years later, I make sure to order/purchase all of my books there. Any store that can show empathy to an exhausted mom and child deserves all of my business! Check out Broadside for yourself at http://www.broadsidebooks.com/.

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  1. That was very cool of them to do that. That's one of the great touches about private / family owned places. You never do forget those kind gestures and always look for a way to show your gratitude.