Friday, March 2, 2012

Crafty Mommas

   When I first moved to Massachusetts, I joined a mom’s group through I was hesitant about joining a group of all women (too much estrogen in one place can be dangerous) but I really wanted to meet people. Let me tell you, words can’t describe what a lifesaver these ladies were. This group provided me with new friends, playdates and friends for my child, and support I wouldn’t have otherwise had right away, being new to the state. The lasting friendships I was able to build have lasted over the years and I’m so grateful to have met these women.

   Not only are they good friends and amazing moms, but they are clever business women! Some of the moms combined their talents to form the collaborative, eco friendly business Fusion. Fusion offers a wide variety of cloth diapers, reusable snack bags, and cloth napkins. I recently attended one of their craft nights and it was so much fun to watch these women work!

   I purchased some adorable reusable snack bags and I love them! You can check out the goods for yourself at

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