Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bare Mountain & Atkins Farms

   The weather was so nice on Saturday morning that we decided to go on a family hike. One of our favortie spots to hike is on Bare Mountain. The ground was a little slippery and muddy, but the weather was perfect for a hike! There is a section of the hike that is really rocky so you have to be careful with your little ones but once you get past the small rocks, the larger rocks are much easier to climb up. There were quite a few runners and families out hiking that morning as well. It's always nice to see families exercising and being active together. I love it!

   After the hike, we decided to stop at Atkins Farms Country Market. We picked up some avocados, apples, doughnuts, and an incredibly delicious chicken and corn soup.

For more information on Atkins Farms visit

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