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Random Ramblings on My Favorite Movie of All Time

A lighthearted note to self (and those interested)…    

   Although it is criticized in one of my favorite books (“Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto” by Chuck Klosterman) for being every girl’s romantic fantasy of the perfect relationship, the movie “Say Anything” still remains my favorite movie of all time. You may ask how can this silly, 1980’s cheesy teenager love story be someone’s favorite movie of all time? Well, I will tell you AND share my favorite scenes and characters AND I’ll put them in a list format AND I’ll include film stills…because I’m just that enthusiastic about it!

1. The opening credits scene where Joe is singing “Greatest Love of All” by Whitney Houston at graduation.

   During my college years, I lived in a very small, boring town in Michigan. There wasn’t much to do on the weekends other than hang out at this bowling alley/bar located in the one block stretch of the downtown area. On a couple of nights during the week, they would have karaoke. I loved the karaoke nights because there were usually about only 5 people in the bar. This audience size was perfect for anyone, like me, who gets really nervous before performing. My college friends would come out to the bar on karaoke night and sing their hearts out to the 5 drunken bikers that happened to be listening. On one of these “wild” karaoke nights, my friend Dave got up on stage and gave one of the most incredibly monotone and unenthusiastic renditions of “Greatest Love of All.” It was beautiful and possibly the best karaoke performance I’ve ever witnessed. Every time I see Joe sing this song in the movie, it reminds me of that night and fun times with my college friends. We were always able to make the most out of our college experience despite living at home and attending a commuter university.

2. The main characters Lloyd Dobler and Diane Court.

    Who doesn’t fall in love with Lloyd Dobler in this movie? He’s so awkward, subtly hilarious and a hopelessly romantic. Even though he’s an underachiever, he has good character. You can just tell! He stands up for what he wants and doesn’t give it up without a fight. He’s so crazy about Diane Court that it makes you jealous. It makes you wish that someone would love you and want you that badly (well, if you were a teenage girl anyway). He doesn’t care about Diane’s reputation or family or his own place in society or his future because he knows that everything will fall into place if he can win the affection of this girl. I admire that. Ladies, whether you want to admit it or not, you wish you had your own Lloyd Dobler.

   Diane is beautiful, smart, innocent, hardworking, and a devoted daughter. Girls want to be like Diane Court and the boys want to date her. Her perfection fascinates me because I was nothing like that in high school. I’m also equally fascinated with Ione Skye because I’m guessing that she too is nothing like Diane Court (Diane Court would never do nude scenes in movies like “Four Rooms” and or have a topless photograph in the book “Scar Tissue”.). When you are someone who has been in relationships with men such as Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adam Horovitz from the Beastie Boys, and Ben Lee, you probably have some pretty wild stories to tell. I’d love to spend an afternoon chatting with Diane Court and/or Ione Skye.

3. The scene in the diner where Diane and Lloyd decide to be “friends with potential.”

   There’s really not much to say here, I just love it! Diane looks beautiful and Lloyd is willing to be whatever it is that Diane says she wants, as long as he gets to spend time with her. It reminds me of that crazy time at the beginning of any relationship where everything is magical and wonderful.

4. The wildly famous scene of Lloyd holding up the boom box while it plays “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

   I will proudly admit to how romantic I think this scene is AND how much I love that song! Lloyd is so hopelessly in love with Diane that this gesture just makes your heart melt. It’s also fascinating to me for a few other reasons: 1) Where in the world is Lloyd standing? Can anyone tell me? It is clearly not in Diane’s front or back yard. He appears to be parked at some random park, which means that the music must have been ridiculously loud in order for it to be heard at Diane’s window. While this scenario is totally not plausible in real life, I still love it and revere it as one of the most romantic scenes in a movie.

   2) Why the hell did Diane continue to lie in bed even after she heard the music? If that was me, I would have run outside and jumped Lloyd in that random park! I guess that’s just another one of those things that makes Diane and I different.

5. The scene in the guitar store where Lloyd’s friend Corey Flood is explaining to him how his relationship with Diane has changed now that they have slept together:

   “Lloyd, listen to me. Everything has changed. You’ve had sex. No matter what you might think, nothing will ever be the same between the two of you. You might be 60, you might be walking down the street, and you’ll talk to her about something…whatever, but what you’ll really be thinking is, 'We had sex'.”

   It’s funny because it’s true. Plus, Corey just seems like she would have been a really cool friend to hang out with (despite her obsession with Joe).

6. “Write me…” the scene at the jail with Diane and her father James.

   Oh, Daddy got burned! Diane gave him the pen that he gave to her to give to Lloyd. Don’t you just love the irony? It’s so cheesy and wonderful! Sometimes I think Cameron Crowe should have just ended the movie there.

   So there you have it, my reasons for loving “Say Anything”. If this doesn’t motivate you to watch and fall in love with the movie, I don’t know what will. You may never be convinced! It should at least be in your top 5 favorite John Cusack movies. Learn to appreciate and love its cheesiness.

(All film stills belong to 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, I don't claim to own anything.)      

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