Friday, April 20, 2012

Magic Wings

   We recently visited Magic Wings, the butterfly conservatory, in South Deerfield. I went to Magic Wings once before in 2008, but I hadn't been back since then so I thought we'd check it out again. The butterflies were very pretty and flying everywhere! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them. It was quite warm inside the conservatory but not too hot. There were a lot of people there because of spring break. When I got home I decided to compare my recent pictures of the conservatory to the pictures I had taken back in 2008. I was surprised to see that the gardens aren't nearly as nice as they were back then. There were lots of plants and flowers missing. It was a little disappointing because they looked so beautiful in my older pictures.

  Magic Wings is still definitely worth visiting though. Here's a little more information about the conservatory from their website:

"Magic Wings features an 8,000-square foot tropical conservatory with nearly 4,000 exotic and domestic butterflies. Magic Wings focuses on butterfly-related education, recreation, entertainment and gardening needs. Snacks can be purchased at Monarchs Restaurant but are not allowed in the conservatory. Strollers are also not allowed in the conservatory. Cute gift shop has lots of collectible and toys."

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