Friday, August 24, 2012

The Rock, Fossil, and Dinosaur Shop

   Sorry for the long hiatus! Life has been busy! Thank you for checking back in! I have a lot of posts lined up!

   I've been wanting to visit The Rock, Fossil, and Dinosaur Shop in South Deerfield for a long time but was hesitant too. From the road, it appeared to be a small, run down shop and I wasn't really sure what to expect. But let me tell you, this place does NOT disappoint if you have a little wannabe paleontologist!

   There are three different activities to choose from for a rock and fossil adventure: pan for gemstones, go on a mine adventure, or dig for fossils. There's also a cute gift shop with reasonably priced items such as toys, gemstones, fossils, and jewelry!  

   To start the mining adventure, your little one picks out a hard hat with a light on it and is given a metal bucket. They are then led into a dark "mine" to begin their search for hidden treasures such as rocks, shells, and gemstones. This adventure was a lot of fun and very popular with all of the children at the shop! 
   The biggest attraction at the shop is rumored to be the old-fashioned mining sluice. To begin your pan adventure, you first get to choose from four different mining rough bags (I recommend the Deluxe Bag). You then pour the contents of the bag into your screen box and lower it into the water from the sluice. After a few shakes back and forth, the rough will wash away to reveal your treasures!


   The third adventure is the Bonanza box. Here, your little paleontologist can dig for fossils. This is the only adventure we didn't do because we thought it would be more fun to do with a few additional family members and friends. We can't wait to try it though!
   In the back of the store are large dinosaurs and fossils that provide good photo opportunities for you to take with your little one. There's also two sandboxes with a broom that you can use to uncover more fossils.
  If I had to criticize one thing, it would be that this part of the shop seemed a little run down. It was a little smaller than I expected and the dinosaurs looked like they had seen better days. But the kids still loved it and especially loved uncovering the fossils!

   You've got to take your kids here! This place is definitely worth the money, especially if your children are interested in dinosaurs and archeology or paleontology! It's fun for the whole family and educational too!
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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Its funny that a run down looking place like that can pack in a lot of good times. The kids went to a place like this near Owosso for a field trip, but it had more of an old-time gold rush feel to it rather than dinosaurs. Regardless, they enjoyed it!