Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sangar General Store (And a chance to win a $20 gift card!)

   Happy Fourth of July! I have a present for you (well, two actually). Are you ready for the first one? The first present I have for you is pure gold! It is one of the Berkshires' best kept secrets for delicious food. But I am going to share it with you because that's what I do, share the things I love about Western Massachusetts! The secret is Sangar General Store in Windsor. Sure, from MA-9 it looks just like any other gas station/convenience store. But what it has inside is like nothing else. It has Prem L. Sangar and she makes the most delicious Indian food I've had in Western Massachusetts. I heard about Sangar by word of mouth. I was told to keep it a secret, but after eating the food there was no way I was going to keep this gem a secret.

   My family made the 25 mile drive out to Windsor this morning not really knowing what to expect. We purchased a few samosas and tamarind sauces and headed back home. Once we got back home, we popped the food in the oven for a few minutes. After one bite, we were sold!

   The food was SO good that I immediately called and ordered more food to pick up later in the day for tomorrow night's dinner. That's right, I made the trip TWICE in one day! It was THAT good! Some of the other food that I ordered included chana saag, gobi masala, parathas, mint chutney, and of course more samosas! Please make the trip out to see this place. You will be glad that you did! Mrs. Sangar is a lovely little woman and an amazing cook! Her Indian food is the best (and it's also all vegetarian)! Go check it out and tell her Lisa sent you!

   Your second present is a chance to win a $20 gift card to a local food store! All you have to do is sign up to follow this blog through the Blogger site or like us on Facebook ( If you do both, you will be entered twice for a chance to win. That's easy, right? You have until Sunday to sign up. Then on Sunday night I will do a drawing and announce the winner on Monday. If you are already signed up, you are immediately included in the drawing. I realize that some of my readers are not from the Western Massachusetts area. So if one of you are chosen, I will get in contact with you and figure out what larger chain food stores might be in your area (Whole Foods, Trader Joes, etc.). Good luck and thank you for reading!

   Sangar General Store can be found at 1895 Route 9 in Windsor. It is on the corner of MA-9 & 8A. If you are coming from the Northampton area, you simply take MA-9 West/Haydenville Road for about 25 miles. To call ahead and place an order, call (413) 684-3737.  

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