Friday, July 19, 2013

Top 5 Places to Eat in Michigan

   It’s funny what you miss when you move away from “home”. A recent visit with family had me thinking about my home state of Michigan and some of the places I liked to go when we lived there (specifically the restaurants). Although there are lots of good restaurants in Western Massachusetts, sometimes I really crave the food at some of the places we used to frequent in Michigan.

   This inspired me to compile my Top 5 Places to Eat in Michigan list. If you currently live in Michigan or plan on visiting, look these places up and give them a try. Then write me and let me know what YOU think of them!

Here they are in no particular order (although I did save the best for last).

1. Badawest in Flint. I LOVE BADAWEST! We make sure to eat there every time we visit Michigan. I’ve eaten at a lot of different places now and I can’t find better Middle Eastern food. Some of my favorite dishes are the Hummus (It’s so good and creamy that I could eat it off of my hand), Tabouli, Lentil Soup, and Shish Tawook sandwich. Only downside, the bread. It’s flat and not impressive. We used to go to a place near Sterling Heights when we lived in that area and they baked their own pita bread that was amazing (and gave you this delicious garlic spread with it). But you’ll be able to look past the bread once you taste the delicious food. I don’t think they have their own website, but you can find out more information and view the menu here:

2. Bi Bim Bab in Novi. Delicious Korean and Japanese food, all in one spot (and for a decent price).  We have a pretty good Korean restaurant out here, but what I miss most about Bi Bim Bab are all of the tasty side dishes they bring out before your meal. Some family favorites are the Bulgogi, Sun Du Bu Chige, and the Dragon Roll. Only downside, the location is a little strange. It’s in a little mall that doesn’t really have a lot of other businesses in it (or at least it didn’t last time I was there), but who cares. That keeps it under the radar. You can visit their website here:

3. El Azteco in East Lansing. I don’t think I can accurately describe how much my husband LOVES this Mexican restaurant which resides close to his alma mater, Michigan State. He used to go out of his way to eat at this place whenever he could when we lived in Michigan. The atmosphere is really nice and you can sit on the roof in the summertime and enjoy your Margarita or Sangria. Some of my favorite dishes are Topopo Salad and the Guacamole and Bean Tostadas. Only downside, it can get busy (and noisy) on the weekends in the fall when there’s tons of college kids around. Check out their website here:

4. Stage Deli in West Bloomfield. This Jewish Deli offers a variety of tasty dishes. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered anything here and NOT liked it. I used to frequent their smaller location in the food court of Somerset Mall during my lunch breaks when I worked in Troy. Some family favorites are the Matzo Ball soup, Lox, Stock & Bagel, and the Mitch Albom Cobb salad. I also used to love buying a loaf of their House-Baked Seedless Rye bread to take home with me. Only downside, I can’t think of any. You can read about their locations and view their menu here:

5. Sposita’s Ristorante in West Bloomfield. Once you have a steak at Sposita’s, all other steaks at other restaurants will be a disappointment. We loved the cozy atmosphere and how low-key everything was (in comparison to Lelli’s, which is a similar restaurant). The owner was always very friendly and made you feel like an old friend. We always had great service and great experiences. The ONLY thing we order at Sposita’s is the Filet. IT IS THE BEST! Don’t waste your time ordering anything else. Go there for the steak! The Zip Sauce on the Filet is to die for!! We ask for an extra little cup of it on the side so just so that we have more! The only downside, the decor is a little out of date, it’s not particularly kid friendly (although it’s not un-kid friendly either), and the food is pricey. But you get A LOT of food for what you pay for your meal. It’s not just a meal, it’s an experience! First they bring out bread, then they bring you a salad with various toppings, then you get a cup of minestrone soup, then you get a small plate of pasta, then you get your entree which includes potatoes and a vegetable. It’s like a tasty train of food! I used to skip the plate of pasta because I wanted to leave room for the Filet (and I don’t eat a lot of pasta any way). We used to go there every year on our wedding anniversary (until we moved away). On our first anniversary, we brought the top layer of our cake (which you are supposed to freeze and eat on your first anniversary) with us for dessert. Our server took it in the back, put it on a plate with a candle, and came out singing “Happy Anniversary” to us! It was SO SWEET! Every year on our anniversary, I LONG for Sposita’s! I miss it terribly! Nothing will ever compare for me. It holds a special place in my heart. We’re already planing on going there next time we visit. I couldn’t find a website with their menu on it, but you can find the address and some more information here:     

Us at Sposita's for our 6th Wedding Anniversary, the last one we spent in Michigan.

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