Monday, July 8, 2013

The Bend (Part Two)

   You may remember my post about The Bend in Chesterfield from last summer (click here to read) where I said that I was disappointed. WELL, I decided to give it another try last weekend and I have to say that my opinion has changed. It was lovely! Now that my child is a little bit older and a more experienced swimmer, it was a totally different experience! There still isn't a sandy "beach" but if you have on water shoes the rocks are no big deal. There are also some patches of tiny rocks where you can put down your beach towel and lay comfortably. The water was very clear and surprisingly not too cold. There was a little current that was perfect for throwing your inner tube in and floating down the river (of coarse, not too far). There were families hanging out and collecting rocks and even people playing guitars. It was very peaceful and fun. I imagine if it were the 60's, this would have been a perfect hippie hangout!

   I still stand by my previous statement that I don't think it's the best beach for small children. There are lots of rocks that they can slip on, the water gets really deep really fast, and the current in the river can push swimmers downstream. But small children can still wade in the shallow parts and collect rocks. If your kids are a little bit older (I'd say 7+), this place is great! My family had a blast!


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